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In the past, SEO was largely driven by the volume of back links a website had, this lead to people building 100’s of links from low quality websites such as directories and forums. These links were very easy to create and for a time had great influence on the position of a website within the search engines.

Google has now begun to take action against these low quality links and low quality SEO techniques and begun to penalise websites who take advantage of them.

With the introduction of Google “Panda” and “Penguin” the world of SEO changed forever.


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The Effects On Businesses

If a website is hit by a Google penalty the effects are disastrous for business. Rankings will drop dramatically and traffic will be greatly reduced.

With traffic being lower than it was previously it will have obvious effects on lead generation, sales and conversions.

To put it bluntly, a “Google Penalty” could destroy your business. Rendering your website ineffective and useless.

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Recovery Is Possible

Penalty recovery is becoming a specialist area of the SEO industry, recovering from these Google penalties is possible, but can be very time consuming.

Identifying and undoing the low quality SEO work is where Google Penalty recovery begins. Knowing which penalty hit the website is crucial to regaining the rankings and traffic the website once had.

Once the recovery work has been completed it is important that these low quality SEO techniques are not repeated, focusing on the higher quality and longer lasting methods of SEO.

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Over 15 years experience in the web industry, highly experienced SEO consultant.

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